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Charts deutschland 2020 youtube

Are you interested in testing our corporate solutions? Please do not hesitate to contact me. Additional Information. Show source. Show sources information Show publisher information. Fastest viral videos based on number of views in 24 hours as of This feature is limited to our corporate solutions. Please contact us to get started with full access to dossiers, forecasts, studies and international data. Try our corporate solution for free! Single Accounts Corporate Solutions Universities.

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Popular Statistics Topics Markets. In the third quarter ofit was found that 77 percent of U.

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YouTube in the United States With over million unique monthly viewers, YouTube is by far the most popular online video property in the United States. The most popular YouTube partner channels consistently attract dozens of millions of viewers and the top YouTube partner channel in the United States as of March was music label Universal Music Group UMGwith over 50 million unique viewers.

Music videos frequently go viral and attract a large amount of attention upon release: it is not uncommon for popular releases to rack up million video views within a week.

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Korean pop phenomenon BTS currently holds the record for the fastest viral video to reach million YouTube streams. Percentage of U. Loading statistic Download for free You need to log in to download this statistic Register for free Already a member?

charts deutschland 2020 youtube

Log in. Show detailed source information? Register for free Already a member? Show sources information. Show publisher information. More information. Other statistics on the topic. Research expert covering social media, online video and entertainment, and internet communications.Here are the most important YouTube statistics marketers should know for Some of them are surprising!

The YouTube stats here show how people are using this social video platform right now, and what marketers need to know to reach them effectively. Bonus: Download the free day plan to grow your YouTube following fasta daily workbook of challenges that will help you kickstart your Youtube channel growth and track your success. Get real results after one month.

YouTube watchers will increase to YouTube is most popular with users 35 and under, but only slightly. This is a very different pattern from other social platforms, where use drops off sharply in the older age groups. Source: Statista.

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This is also in stark contrast to the other social networks, most which require a minimum age of These last two YouTube user statistics combined show that YouTube has deep reach across every age category in the United States. Source: Pew Research Centre. YouTube is the most-used digital video platform in the United States. Netflix comes in second at A billion hours. Every day. How does that number get so high?

The next couple of YouTube usage statistics provide some insight. This includes usage across all devices: mobile, desktop or laptop, and connected TV. Since mobile views are more likely to use the YouTube app. In Q4 By Q3this had shifted to Source: eMarketer. People are not just swooping into YouTube to check out one video and then ducking out.During an eye test, eye doctors use eye charts to measure how well you see in the distance, compared with other human beings.

If you haven't established one yet, click here to find an eye doctor near you. The classic example of an eye chart is the Snellen eye chart, developed by Dutch eye doctor Hermann Snellen in the s. There are many variations of the Snellen eye chart, but in general they show 11 rows of capital letters.

The top row contains one letter usually the "big E," but other letters can be used. The other rows contain letters that are progressively smaller. Download a Snellen eye chart and instructions for use here. During an eye examyour eye doctor will ask you to find the smallest line of text letters that you can make out, and ask you to read it. If you can read the bottom row of letters, your visual acuity is very good.

In the United States, the standard placement of the eye chart is on a wall that's 20 feet away from your eyes. Since many eye doctors' offices don't have rooms that are 20 feet long, in a smaller room the eye chart may hang behind the patient chair, using mirrors to make it appear in front of you at a simulated distance of 20 feet. How a Snellen eye chart and a "tumbling E" chart might look at your eye doctor's office.

The tumbling E chart tests the visual acuity of young children and others who can't read letters aloud. That means you can read at 20 feet a letter that people with "normal" vision can read at feet.

In some cases a standard Snellen eye chart cannot be used. One example is when the person having the eye test is a young child who doesn't know the alphabet or is too shy to read letters aloud. Other examples include when the person is illiterate or has a handicap that makes it impossible for him to cognitively recognize letters or read them aloud.

In these situations, a modification of the Snellen eye chart called a "tumbling E" chart may be used. The tumbling E chart has the same scale as a standard Snellen eye chart, but all characters on the chart are a capital letter "E," in different spatial orientations rotated in increments of 90 degrees. The eye doctor asks the person being tested to use either hand with their fingers extended to show which direction the "fingers" of the E are pointing: right, left, up or down.

Studies have shown that visual acuity measurements using a tumbling E chart are virtually the same as those obtained from testing with a standard Snellen eye chart.

Download a Tumbling E eye chart and instructions for use here. To evaluate your near vision, your eye doctor may use a small hand-held card called a Jaeger eye chart. The Jaeger chart consists of short blocks of text in various type sizes.

A Jaeger eye chart contains several blocks of successively smaller text, generally ranging in size from J10 large print to J1 very small print. The original Jaeger eye chart was developed in and contained seven paragraphs, each printed in a successively smaller font size. The smallest paragraph you could read when holding the chart approximately 14 inches away determined your near visual acuity.

Since then, there have been several modifications of the Jaeger chart or "Jaeger card" by different manufacturers. Unfortunately, modern Jaeger charts are not standardized, and the actual letter sizes on different Jaeger cards might vary slightly.

The type scale on a modern Jaeger eye chart usually ranges from J10 approximately point type for Times New Roman font to J1 approximately 3-point type, Times New Roman. A Jaeger eye chart may be used in two different ways, depending on what your eye doctor is trying to measure:.If you want to get more video views in the long term, you need to understand a few things about how the YouTube algorithm works in The first three signals are the only ones you can influence directly.

The rest depend on factors outside of your channel in order to personalize the recommendation. YouTube is only penalizing bait-and-switch tactics—overpromising before the click and delivering disappointing content after it. Click-through rate is still as important as ever.

As a result, the pendulum swung towards watch time as the key signal for ensuring the quality of a video. So if you optimize for click-through rate you get clickbait, and if you optimize for watch time, you get incredibly long videos. And that brings us to the crux of my point: If you want to get more views through YouTube's recommendation engine, you need to optimize your channel and your videos for both click-through rate and watch time.

Learn More: Find out how to make money on YouTube. On the flipside, many YouTube channels struggle to gain traction because they treat their YouTube channel as a place to upload all their video content, rather than as a home for a consistent video series. YouTube channels that find their consistency are able to sustainably grow their subscriber base and viewership because it makes it easier for people to decide to watch more of their content and subscribe to their channel. Below, you can see how this consistency feeds their subscriber growth over time.

First We Feast, for example, is owned by Complex, which has a very different focus and audience. To make posting easier, you can find a free video editing software that uploads videos to your channel with one-click. You won't have to waste time uploading and downloading files, and can publish videos quickly and consistently. Recommendations, after all, are mostly based on how viewers have viewed and interacted with your videos in the past.

YouTube needs data to base the recommendations on and there's no data without people watching your videos. When was the last time the user watched a video on this topic?

If you can get a new user to continue watching more content after clicking through to one of your videos, you can increase the chances of your videos getting recommended to them the next time they open YouTube. It's well known that humans are hardwired to respond to faces—we have seen this to be consistent across all mediums.

But it is important to note that faces with complex emotions outperform stoic or benign expressions. You can optimize your thumbnails for click-throughs by including one to three faces in your thumbnails wearing expressions that speak louder than words. This image composition guideline suggests that you position your point of interest not in the center of the image, but in the first or last third of the frame.

25 YouTube Statistics that May Surprise You: 2021 Edition

That also means a fair segment of your viewers will see your videos on a mobile device. And then, if they find the image compelling enough, will they read the title. The text can be the title of your video or even just a handful of words that are related to its hook.

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If you have a consistent format for your YouTube channel, consider branding your thumbnails to differentiate them from other recommended videos. Anyone familiar with Great Big Storyfor example, will instantly recognize their logo mark on YouTube. Getting people to view your videos is one thing. Getting them to actually watch a video all the way through is another. Luckily, you can improve your video completion rate and earn more watch time by building this objective into your video creation process:.

charts deutschland 2020 youtube

Beyond having a focused premise for your YouTube channel—which is arguably the most important factor—some other ways you can make it easier for viewers to watch more of your content include:. And that's not all that different from yours.

He has over 10 years of experience helping brands and creators grow their YouTube channels. Get free online marketing tips and resources delivered directly to your inbox.Though you can probably find that conversation taking place somewhere else on the Internet right this minute and jump on in. And boy, do people connect.

Which sadly, leaves us with more people to mourn, from those who shared intimate details of their lives to those who just wanted to make us laugh or stop and go "whoa! The year-old, who had made a YouTube name for himself with his "Talking Kitty" series, died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound on April I'm not even sure what to say, or for that matter, what to do," his wife Celia DeCosta Cash, wrote on Facebook.

It hurts me to share this. Please understand, give the family time to grieve, but know that Steve is no longer in pain. La Barrie died of his injuries and Silva has since been sentenced to a year in jail and five years' probation after pleading no contest to one count of gross vehicular manslaughter.

He was originally charged with murder before striking that plea deal. Silva's lawyer said that they were pleased that his client avoided a state prison sentence, but "this is no time to celebrate. A bright light has been lost in Corey, and Daniel will always strive to live up to his dear friend's memory. She was struggling with her chest—she had a pain in her chest.

It is so surreal as she was so young. It is such a shock. It has really, really shaken us all up She is a dancer and we don't think she had any underlying health problems.

It is terrible—but we won't know for sure until we have the post-mortem. I was there every single time There's so much in my head going on that doesn't make sense, because Nicole could have lived.

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My wife [by multiple accounts they weren't actually married] could have lived, my son could have lived, as well. They really could have lived, they both could have lived. She said that Landon started to fall into a depression when she was pregnant with their second child, Delilah Rosewho was born in May, joining sister Collette Briar in the family fold.

The couple had been married since June Her husband sought help, Camryn said, but he started abusing the drugs he was prescribed to treat ADHD and anxiety. It was very unhealthy. He always put others above himself. Even in death, he was caring about people. I needed that. The year-old author, radio DJ and YouTuber who had more than 5. As informed by the doctor, he suffered a heart attack while asleep.

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He was cremated yesterday and his remains is in our house in Cavite in the meantime. The condition of the road was shocking. It wasn't Emily or the driver's fault—and in fact I don't blame the driver whatsoever. Eventually, however, he became known for his erratic behaviorTwitter rants and disturbing comments about death.

His body was found the next day. Thompson was Police said a change in the wind had seemingly caused his chute to collapse and he was unable to deploy his reserve chute before plunging feet to the ground. Ruiz planned to inaugurate a new channel, Dammit Boy, with a video of Perez shooting him in the chest through an inch-and-a-half-thick hardback encyclopedia. He had practiced by shooting at another thick book to ensure it would stop a bullet.So you want to be a YouTuber, eh?

YouTube has come a long way since the days of cat videos and Chocolate Rain, and making a career out of it has never been more possible. CPM is paid out to YouTube by companies that might advertise on your video, who take a percentage of the money and also give the YouTuber a percentage. To make money off YouTube you have to have an AdSense account and allow advertising on your videos. This includes videos with heavy language, videos that cover controversial topics, and anything that may offend.

You also want to consider things like SEO practices so more traffic is driven to your videos and more people can find you. Your CPM is split up before being sent to you. Finding your CPM is easy! AdSense will tell you how many views you totaled in the last month, and how many of those views were monetized Monetized Playbacks, they call them.

Certain playbacks are not monetized, such as those from people with ad-blockers, which makes this distinction important. A skipped ad will not earn you CPM. YouTube gives YouTubers a lot of options when inserting ads into your videos. TrueView for Reach is one of their latest offerings. It inserts ads ranging from six to 30 seconds in length, all of which are skippable after six seconds.

These can be inserted as pre-roll before the video starts or mid-roll as the video goes. Bumper ads are unskippable as well, but only last up to six seconds. Depending on the length and content of your video, you can fill it with as many ads as you like. However, overfilling a video with ads will ultimately wain on your audience, and could even drive some of them away.

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The best practice is to use a variety of ads. Pre-roll seems to be a good place for a second unskippable ad, as it ensures the viewer will watch the whole thing to get to the content they want. This also means you want to make the best possible content for your viewers. The average CPM also varies on a by-country basis. These numbers are simply determined by advertiser interest. The economy is better in the US and Canada than it is in Serbia, for example, meaning advertisers are willing to pay more to creators in these countries.

This means censoring out any inappropriate language or images, avoiding sensitive political subjects and matters, and generally keeping things family-friendly.

YouTube by the Numbers: Stats, Demographics & Fun Facts

These rules are understandably a little murky, and there has been a lot of backlash surrounding them. Affiliate Marketing is when a YouTuber will advertise a product in their video and give a link to the said product in their description. Whenever someone hits this link, the YouTuber gets a portion of the proceeds. Amazon tends to do this a lot. YouTubers have also gotten heavily into sponsorships over the last decade.

These sponsors will give YouTubers an affiliate link or code for money off their products that they can give to their viewers in exchange for an ad in the video. The YouTuber then gets a portion of each product bought.

charts deutschland 2020 youtube

Podcasters have gotten very into the sponsorships, a lot of which are much more flexible than YouTube in terms of what they find monetizable. And feel free to contact us with any comments, questions, or concerns.Brad is an inventor of several patents in the areas of data and privacy. He currently lives in Palo Alto with his wife, twin daughters, and their dog.

Henry Blodget is cofounder, CEO, and editor-in-chief of Business Insider, one of the most-read business and tech news sites in the world. Business Insider is majority owned by Axel Springer, the leading digital publisher in Europe. The site has 80-plus million visitors a month worldwide. A former top-ranked Wall Street analyst, Henry is often a guest on CNBC, CNN, MSNBC, NPR, and other networks.

He has contributed to The Atlantic, Slate, The New York Times, Fortune, New York, the Financial Times, and other publications. During the dot-com boom of the late 1990s, Henry was a top-ranked Wall Street internet analyst.

He was later keelhauled by then-Attorney General Eliot Spitzer over conflicts of interest between the research and banking divisions of brokerage firms. He has led the company as CEO since October 2013 and was appointed Chairman in December 2016.

Early in his tenure, Carrigan introduced and implemented a new global strategy that set the company on a path to long-term sustainable growth. Under his leadership, IDG transformed from a print publisher to a leading digital media company and the worldwide leader in the technology event and media space.

Before becoming CEO in 2008, he held senior leadership roles of increasing responsibility at IDG, including President and CEO for its business units in the U. He also spent four years of his career at America Online, Inc. In early 2017, Bob was appointed by President Obama to serve on the National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee (NSTAC). Carrigan currently serves as a member of the Board of Directors of IDG.

Seth Dallaire is the Vice President of Global Advertising Sales and Marketing at the Amazon Media Group (AMG). He is responsible for growing the advertising business across Amazon. He was promoted from leading the North American Advertising Sales business at AMG in October 2014. Dallaire joined Amazon in February of 2012 from Yahoo. This is his second tenure at Amazon.

His previous role at the Company was in the Business Development group. Dallaire holds a BA from Vassar College and an MBA from New York University. He lives in San Francisco with his wife Courtney and son Dashiell (13).

Carolyn oversees a team of regional leaders, and the teams focused on global partnerships, global agencies, global gaming, and the Creative Shop. Carolyn also spent seven years at Viacom. Her last role was as Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President of U. Prior to Viacom, Carolyn held roles at Primedia, The Walt Disney Company and Accenture Consulting. She is the Chair of We Day, United Nations, which encourages and supports young people who are creating transformational social change.

Carolyn is a member of the 2017 Class of Henry Crown Fellows within the Aspen Global Leadership Network at the Aspen Institute. Carolyn is a member of the Villanova University Board of Trustees, and a trustee of The Montclair Kimberley Academy. She resides in Montclair, New Jersey with Doug, her husband, and Taylor and Kennedy, their twin daughters. Sara Fischer is a Media Reporter for Axios and the author of Axios Media Trends, a newsletter where she delivers smart analysis on the trends impacting the digital media ecosystem.

Previously, she was a digital producer for The Washington Post, where she produced and edited segments for live and digital audiences.


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